OK THIS IS TOO AWESOME NOT TO SHARE!! About 15 minutes ago Becky took a walk behind the hotel and bumped into a lady in her 50’s or so and she noticed a purple wrist band on her arm. Becky said hey I have one like that, what does yours say?!
You guessed it ‘Miracle for Becky’! She said it’s for a girl from New Jersey that is having a total pancreatectomy and this wristband reminds me to pray for her!
Becky darn near fell over and told the lady…I’m THAT Becky! This lady Susan, works at a pizza place behind the hotel…that is AWESOME by the way…Black Sheep Pizza!! Anyway, she knows someone in Jersey and heard about Becky and asked for a wristband from her friend back home. In a city this large, what are the odds Becky runs into the one lady that knows of her story and is supporting her?!?!?!?
And we just found out that Dick and Carol’s neighbor Lorraine who has been so supportive of us this whole time is now officially cancer free!
Wow can’t even describe the emotions we are feeling right now.
64 hours to go!! Keep on Keeping on!


One response to “WOW WOW WOW!!!

  1. Wow is right! That really IS cool.

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