Updates on Facebook Page ‘Miracle for Becky’

For those without facebook the surgery was a great success. Below are copies of two posts from the page…


SURGERY A SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dr. Dunn came out and spent about 20 minutes explaining the entire procedure with me. They were able to do about 90% of the surgery through laparoscopy incisions and only had to go open fort he actual removal of the pancreas. Islet yield was ok, not great, but not awful and the ratio will improve with the loss of all the retained weight from the 11+ year …long illness. So that was encouraging too. The Dr. was so pleased, she only had to make a 4-5 inch incision for removal instead of the top to bottom zipper or side to side chevron. This will be helpful for Becky’s recovery in many ways. They were able to go with a combo G and J tube instead of multiple lines. The Dr. was just so pleased with how things went although it did take longer than expected. She will be admitted to the ICU for a few days and kept sedated for at least the night, so we decided to come home and get some much needed sleep. I will update periodically as the post op recovery goes on. The next few days will be full of pain and constant blood sugar checks to figure out insulin needs and pain med needs. We won’t know true results for quite some time up to 6-12 months as the recovery can take that long.
I can’t begin to thank you all enough for the support leading up to this, the prayers during and the flood of support offered to our entire family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love and prayers you have given and sent to my wife. Please stay tuned for updates and should you want to send Becky a letter let me know and I can provide the address here at our home away from home.
Thank you doesn’t seem to say it all! Jim



As I sit here next to Becky in the ICU, I find my mind wandering and reflecting on the last 11 years. I hear the docs at Cooper telling her she has 6 months to live, the Baltimore docs offering no other treatments then surgery every 10-12 weeks, the battles for medicine and care, missed trips as a family, time away from the kids, the inability to have the most basic enjoyment like a evening out to…gether and it all seems so long ago?! I know we have a LONG way to go but for the first time in over a decade there is a genuine smile on my face because I know each day will be better. Even setbacks that may arise are temporary and not just another nail in a proverbial coffin. GOD and the experts here have given Becky her life back, given me my bride and blessed my boys with their mommy again.
There simply are no words that can describe the unmitigated joy I feel for the possibilities that now exist for Becky and our family. She has defied the odds, laughed at the nay sayers and is attacking her recovery road with determination. The docs are so encouraged by her progress in just 12 hours. They are aiming to get her awake and upright in a chair within the next 2 hours and begin tube feeds today. Her sugars are great on just 1 unit of insulin per hour.
Thank you and all our love to everyone.
I say this with all the belief and confidence that is in me, GOD IS GOOD! #believeinmiracles

2 responses to “Updates on Facebook Page ‘Miracle for Becky’

  1. Terri Valentine

    Hi…I’ve been praying for Becky. As I suffer from pancreatic divisum. I lay as I write in my hospital bed with pancreatitis again! I am a friend of Penni Breitling who goes to church with Becky. I would love to meet Becky when she gets home so i could hear how to stay so positive as I am losing hope.

    • Terri,
      This is Jim, Becky’s hubby…no matter how hard this darn disease hits, you have got to fight it with everything you’ve got. There is a cure and if you would like to talk about it feel free to call me anytime!! 6098646008

      Becky is finally free of the Pancreatitis, but still has a ways to go through recovery. She does not have that same debilitating pain that you are suffering with right now. Please reach out if we can answer any questions, concerns, fears, worries or anything you have.

      You will be in our prayers!
      Jim and Becky

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