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6 Weeks post op!


Well it has been a while since we posted on this BLOG, but we have consistently posted at the Facebook Page ‘Miracle for Becky’. Becky is now 6 weeks post op and is doing absolutely tremendous! As long as her last tube site heals up well we should be able to head home within the next week.

Becky is down to 6 units of Lantus once per day, and only takes Novalog if her sugars are elevated for more than 2-4 hours. This has only happened twice in the last week, a really great sign. She is walking 2-3 miles per day and is eating a very healthy diet. She is able to handle regular small meals consisting of 30-60 grams of carbohydrates in each sitting. Her spirits are great and her pain is controlled for the first time in over a decade. The pain management doc has put a titrate schedule in place that will gradually remove Becky from the pain medication that has controlled her life for so long. This will be a long and steady process, but one she seems to welcome with open arms.

We want to that all our supporters for the months and years of love, prayers and help. ‘Miracle for Becky’ will be morphing into a much larger effort to raise awareness and support for those stricken with the diseases that Becky has battled and BEATEN over the last 10+ years. There is an egregious and mind boggling level of incompetence and ignorance among the medical professionals in regards to pancreatic disorders. We aim to educate, inform and help those that have been led astray by their poorly informed doctors. Please continue to watch as we grow into an organization that can be a beckon of hope and help for so many patients that are struggling as Becky had for so long.

Please visit Miracle for Becky on facebook for a more detailed timeline of her progress.



Updates on Facebook Page ‘Miracle for Becky’

For those without facebook the surgery was a great success. Below are copies of two posts from the page…


SURGERY A SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dr. Dunn came out and spent about 20 minutes explaining the entire procedure with me. They were able to do about 90% of the surgery through laparoscopy incisions and only had to go open fort he actual removal of the pancreas. Islet yield was ok, not great, but not awful and the ratio will improve with the loss of all the retained weight from the 11+ year …long illness. So that was encouraging too. The Dr. was so pleased, she only had to make a 4-5 inch incision for removal instead of the top to bottom zipper or side to side chevron. This will be helpful for Becky’s recovery in many ways. They were able to go with a combo G and J tube instead of multiple lines. The Dr. was just so pleased with how things went although it did take longer than expected. She will be admitted to the ICU for a few days and kept sedated for at least the night, so we decided to come home and get some much needed sleep. I will update periodically as the post op recovery goes on. The next few days will be full of pain and constant blood sugar checks to figure out insulin needs and pain med needs. We won’t know true results for quite some time up to 6-12 months as the recovery can take that long.
I can’t begin to thank you all enough for the support leading up to this, the prayers during and the flood of support offered to our entire family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love and prayers you have given and sent to my wife. Please stay tuned for updates and should you want to send Becky a letter let me know and I can provide the address here at our home away from home.
Thank you doesn’t seem to say it all! Jim



As I sit here next to Becky in the ICU, I find my mind wandering and reflecting on the last 11 years. I hear the docs at Cooper telling her she has 6 months to live, the Baltimore docs offering no other treatments then surgery every 10-12 weeks, the battles for medicine and care, missed trips as a family, time away from the kids, the inability to have the most basic enjoyment like a evening out to…gether and it all seems so long ago?! I know we have a LONG way to go but for the first time in over a decade there is a genuine smile on my face because I know each day will be better. Even setbacks that may arise are temporary and not just another nail in a proverbial coffin. GOD and the experts here have given Becky her life back, given me my bride and blessed my boys with their mommy again.
There simply are no words that can describe the unmitigated joy I feel for the possibilities that now exist for Becky and our family. She has defied the odds, laughed at the nay sayers and is attacking her recovery road with determination. The docs are so encouraged by her progress in just 12 hours. They are aiming to get her awake and upright in a chair within the next 2 hours and begin tube feeds today. Her sugars are great on just 1 unit of insulin per hour.
Thank you and all our love to everyone.
I say this with all the belief and confidence that is in me, GOD IS GOOD! #believeinmiracles


OK THIS IS TOO AWESOME NOT TO SHARE!! About 15 minutes ago Becky took a walk behind the hotel and bumped into a lady in her 50’s or so and she noticed a purple wrist band on her arm. Becky said hey I have one like that, what does yours say?!
You guessed it ‘Miracle for Becky’! She said it’s for a girl from New Jersey that is having a total pancreatectomy and this wristband reminds me to pray for her!
Becky darn near fell over and told the lady…I’m THAT Becky! This lady Susan, works at a pizza place behind the hotel…that is AWESOME by the way…Black Sheep Pizza!! Anyway, she knows someone in Jersey and heard about Becky and asked for a wristband from her friend back home. In a city this large, what are the odds Becky runs into the one lady that knows of her story and is supporting her?!?!?!?
And we just found out that Dick and Carol’s neighbor Lorraine who has been so supportive of us this whole time is now officially cancer free!
Wow can’t even describe the emotions we are feeling right now.
64 hours to go!! Keep on Keeping on!


Jim spent the better part of a week working on the appeal after our advocate had to bow out due to personal concerns beyond her control. He submitted it this morning VIA Fax and Email to many top execs. at Aetna and the State of NJ. Appeal Submitted at 9:00 this morning…APPROVED at 4pm.

It would not have been nearly as positive without all the help and guidance of Laurie Todd Johnson ( Thank you Laurie for everything!!!

We got an informal email approving the surgery for Becky at the University of Minnesota. Formal documents are on the way!!



SEPTEMBER 5TH, 2013 will begin the road for Becky’s pain free life!! The coordinator in Minneapolis confirmed the 5th as the date of surgery. We will be heading out to Minneapolis sometime towards the end of August and will be out there until at least November. 

Please pray that our appeal is accepted and this date will not have to be postponed for any reason. Becky is super excited and nervous, we all are for her as well.

Thank you for the continued prayers and we are so close to a solution to Becky’s 10+ year battle. 

Another successful Sale!

Well, braving the RIDICULOUS heat proved to be a worthwhile effort. We were able to raise $960.00 by selling many of the donated items at our second MEGA-SUPER-ULTRA Yard Sale! A big thank you to Randy, Barb, Dick, Carol, Karen and Cael for all the hard work in the extreme heat and humidity.

It looks like we may have another sale sometime sooner than later as we are already getting items donated to replenish what was sold. All our thanks for the many people that have helped contribute to the Another Man’s Treasure efforts.


Coming off the great success of the first yard sale last month, we have gotten so many donations that we need to hold a second one!!

Please come out Saturday, July 20th from 8am-2pm

11 Maple Lane, Hainesport, NJ 08036

We have a plethora of ‘treasures’ that need new homes!! Come out and claim yours while helping the cause!

Thanks again and see you there!!